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“I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.” ~Jack Kerouac

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  The idea for this site was seeded quite some time ago and I finally decided to give it some legs.  I hesitated to launch this site for two reasons: 1) disjointedness of my ideas and 2) privacy.

I love to write, but topics I find myself spilling out are all over the board.  Some days poems crystallize in my head, and other days I like to live in fantasy lands and dream up stories involving anything from feral cats to teenage dramas, which I suppose have some parallels.  At some points in my life, I’m highly focused on my health and quality of life.  On some days, unfortunately, I encounter major impediments to my well-being.  On those days, I write to determine how I can prevent that from happening again.  I write to thoughtfully berate myself.  More importantly, I write to encourage myself to get back up no matter how many times I fall.

I vacillated about how personal my entries should be.  Please give me latitude as I stumble around and try to determine where my Goldilocks Zone is.  I want what I share to be “just right.”  So, I guess my life is something of an open book.  But it is a book that sits dusty on a shelf.  Like a 1990 encyclopedia – never investigated too thoroughly.  Some of the information might be correct but it is frozen in time as I add it to this site.  And I’m sure some of it I’ll look back on and laugh at the naivety, like that 1990 encyclopedia referencing the internet.  But my life will not be as open and accessible as a People magazine at a nail salon. Some things must be kept tucked away in that odd cabinet in the living room.

One thing I’ve learned in my 30-odd years on this planet is that all of us tend to have the same struggles and epiphanies.  We may have them at different points in our lives and to different degrees but, all said and done, we experience the same emotions.   I feel we can all learn and grow from each other in this capacity. I don’t see any reason to keep our lives wrapped up tightly and our experiences held so closely and hidden.  I find that this wisdom that comes from living is often times only gleaned when people die.  It’s a shame because I think they have often withheld insights and stories due to the fear of being judged.  Once they are gone, we discuss their life and simply accept them for who they were.  We lament we weren’t able to assemble their thoughts.  How would they have lived differently?  When would they have tried harder? When would they have released earlier? 

I often find myself having chats with friends or family that are going through something I went through, or they have gone through something with which I am grappling.  Between them and the various authors I read, everyone’s collective insights have enriched my life.  Their insights allow me to live a more peaceful and abundant life.  I hope that the shared wisdom I attempt to assemble will help others along the way.  One of my true delights in life is learning and teaching and I hope this site will foster both for me.

I finally decided that the theme all of these subjects had in common were that they were simply me exploring how to live at ease, in harmony with my mind, body, health, and surroundings.  This manifested itself as five categories on my blog:

  • Beauty – I will post lots of kitchen beautician ideas here
  • Body Fuel – Simple recipes for making our bodies feel good
  • Clarity – Catharthis of mind, body, soul, space; Spirituality
  • Creativity Corner – Random poems, stories, or essays
  • Musings – Thoughts on how to navigate through the vagaries of life

Stop by whichever ones interest you and thank you for your support! So…here it is, my friends. I’m tossing it all out to the universe and seeing what happens.


  1. Cheryl Cullen November 7, 2012 at 3:56 pm · Reply

    Your words ……………… I find that this wisdom that comes from living is often times only gleaned when people die. It’s a shame because I think they have often withheld insights and stories due to the fear of being judged…………… Are speaking loudly to me. It’s not the fear of being judged for me however, it’s finding the time and disipline to write. Everyday I hear ‘a celestial editor” in my ear whispering to begin, to share my wisdom of letting go and trusting….of getting out of the way and allowing. But my fatigue, emotional and physical hold me back. I’m waiting for it to become compelling. I Love you and I look forward to frequest visits to Sukha, thank you for sharing it with me and the world.

    • Emily November 7, 2012 at 9:17 pm · Reply

      What a wonderful comment, Cheryl. At least rest easy knowing your wisdom has also been shared through some of our enlightening conversations and non-judgmental ear. There are many things in my life that I owe some of my most profound insights to something you said or spurred me to think about. So even if the written words don’t find you yet, know that your family and friends still benefit from your spoken ideas. Your writing wouldn’t even have to be formal, but I bet a journal that you carried around with you and scribbled thoughts in when you had a brief spare moment would eventually make it’s way in to a beautiful piece when you have more time and energy. I love you too and thanks for supporting me. xoxo

  2. Myc Wall November 12, 2012 at 10:29 pm · Reply

    Em, I’m SO happy for you to have created an outlet to express some of the things that I know are flitting around in your head, all “nimbly bimbly” like a cat in a tree =^..^= I sincerely hope others will take some time to come by and enjoy your blog, as I love the variety of topics you have included so far, and there are certainly some tid bits in here for many tastes ;oP In particular, I’ve always enjoyed your little “health tips”, and I look forward to seeing what healthy treasures you dig up and share.

    Even if sometimes it feels like no one is paying attention, stick with it, Devily! ;o)

    • Emily November 13, 2012 at 1:36 am · Reply

      I really appreciate the support, Myc! This is something I have been excited about doing for a long time and I hope others begin to enjoy reading it as much as I like producing it. “Nimbly bimbly” haha…Perhaps a should do a health tidbit on the benefits of “drinking milk from a saucer.” ;op I really do have so many things I am excited to share. Knowing I have people that will look forward to reading the posts will continue to inspire and uplift me. Thanks!

  3. Baiyuan February 18, 2013 at 11:14 pm · Reply

    Hi, Emily. I was reading your professional background to learn the path to be a geologist in industry. BUT, I feel that it really becmoes a surprise after I click the link that directs me to this blog. It really touches me when I read the topics related to security, love, peace in mind, health, soul and adventure in life. Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts with us. This also inspire me to reconsider how to become the best of myself and what action I need to take to realize my dreams with postive attitudes. I know more about you from your writing and really enjoy it :).

    • Emily February 19, 2013 at 1:41 pm · Reply

      Hi, Baiyuan. Thank you for your sweet comment. The more years I have spent in the industry, the more I have come to realize how important both technical skills and personal skills are in determining a person’s success. As I’m sure you’ve encountered in your studies and in your life, there are lots of forks in the road and obstacles that force us to choose what is important to us and where we want our life to go. I think that having positivity and a good health (physical and mental) can really help us to manifest a destiny that suits us. Namaste!

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