• Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

    Eucalyptus oil is one of my favorite inexpensive products to transform my day.  I use it for a bunch of different things and have listed some ideas below.  Eucalyptus oil is distilled from the leaves and branch tips of the eucalyptus tree from Australia.  It has been highly prized over the centuries for its medicinal and aromatherapeutic properties.  Here are some of my favorite ways to use it.

    This photo belongs to And all that Malarkays from Flickr

    • Every day when I wake up, right after I’ve rinsed my face with water, I like to shake a couple drops of eucalyptus oil on to the end of a cotton swab and inhale the scent.   I exhale everything out and then place it in one nostril and rub it near the rim of my nose as I inhale deeply.  I then exhale sharply and repeat on the other side.  The exhilarating smell wakes me up, allows a brief 10 seconds of meditation and clears my sinuses.  If you’re in to this kind of thing, I also like to say a quick little mantra as I do this.  Some of my favorites are, “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better,” or “Today I am excited about everything.” If you shower in the morning, it’s also nice to place a couple drops in the base of the shower where the water won’t wash it away immediately.  It provides a spa shower sort of feel.
    • Eucalyptus oil is really good for the days that you are experiencing sinus problems or have a head cold.  I use it when I want to steam my face and get my sinuses clear. To do that, I boil a potful of water.  Once it comes to a boil, I remove it from the heat, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, and then put my face over the bowl with a towel around my head to form a tent.  I spend the time inhaling and exhaling deeply.  After this is completed, everything becomes clear and is a good time to blow your nose.  This has the added benefit of being really good for opening up pores and clearing them out so you may want to try putting a face mask on after.  Try a moisturizing mask, especially if your skin is bothering you from excessive blowing of the nose, etc.  Putting eucalyptus oil in a humidifier has a similar effect.  My parents live at high altitude and every time I go to their house, my nasal passages suffer from the lack of moisture.  This is a great way to lubricate and open them and would also work really well if you have a humidifier running for your sick child and want to purify the air.
    • Every morning when I get to work, I add five drops of eucalyptus oil to my aromatherapy diffuser.  The invigorating smell really motivates me for the day and I like having the little bit of extra humidity in that dry office environment and to clear any negative energy.
    • Eucalyptus oil can be very revitalizing after a good hard workout.  I love to bike everywhere and the Houston summer can be brutally hot.  As sort of a shower on the go, I fill a basin of water and add about 5-6 drops of eucalyptus oil.  Then I dip in five small washcloths in the water-oil mixture.  A couple drops of peppermint or citrus oil also work well in this mixture.  Then I gently wring out the cloths and roll them up and place them in plastic bags that I keep in the refrigerator or freezer.  It feels amazing to lay this on your face after a brutal workout.  If I’m going on a long bike ride, I might add some ice cubes at the start and double bag them or put in a container so I can freshen and cool myself after.  It feels really good after hot yoga too.  I’m sure kids would love it after a hot sports practice as well.  Put the eucalyptus oil in with a light hand until you know if your skin will react to it.  Eucalyptus oil can be slightly irritating if it’s too concentrated.  The oil also soothes aching muscles so sometimes it’s nice to put the cloth around the back of your neck if you have sore shoulders and upper back muscles.

    You can find eucalyptus oil very easily at any health food store.  The Aura Cacia brand has worked really well for me.