• Reaping What We Sow

    Plant CeremonySometimes we have a lousy year or we want a mulligan in life.  There are times we just need to release or start over.  What follows is a story about a clever little ceremony my friend conceived of on my birthday three years ago today to do just that.  Besides a birthday, I also think it would be a really good practice to perform at New Year’s, or I like the idea of fall being a time for renewal, as Victoria Smith blogs about in this post on Corbae Café.  This would also work really well after a break-up, after a recovery, or any time you are committed to turning over a new leaf in life.  In some years, I have decided to consider the Chinese New Year as my time to “start fresh.”  Immediately after the holidays, it can be really hard for us to plan for and implement a change due to the exhaustion that goes along with December.  There are bullets at the bottom detailing how this can be done.  Please feel free to read the meat in the middle about how it worked in my life.

    My 31st year had been a tough one.  There was a marriage separation and there was a move.  I wasn’t myself – I was feeling physically and mentally exhausted and mildly depressed. I didn’t know how my career was going to suit my new life.  I was lonely.  I was set to pass in to my 32nd year with no real plans.  After this year of seclusion and putting up walls in an attempt to go within and “find myself,” and shed some things from my past, my friend base was scarce and I had no family in town.  Just as I was beginning to anticipate the birthday blues, I found out a friend of mine, Karoun, was going to come in to town and was wondering if she could crash with me.

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