Fly Swatter

a poem, by Emily Ness

I apply lip gloss
Content and quiet

A noise begins
A fly attempts escape through glass

His persistence annoying
His delusion mystifying

I feel guilty for his pain
The pain he brings on himself

His hopeless situation depressing
His hopeful action maddening

I wish he would stop destroying himself
I wish he wouldn’t make me choose

I could kill him
I could flinch with each agonizing thud and buzz
I could wait to find him shriveled

So I open the window
I release him


Now our lives diverge

My skin crawls


Why, fly, why
did you ever fly in to my house?


  1. maureen June 17, 2013 at 1:58 pm · Reply

    HA! I loved this poem! I can so relate to it!

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