Eyelash Dye

Eyelash dyes are a really simple way to dramatically affect your look if you have somewhat light lashes.  They’re especially wonderful if you have an event coming up that you know you don’t want to wear make-up at, yet still want your eyes to pop.  I love getting them before I go on any trip that involves a lot of water, camping, or exercise or if I’m just in a make-up free mode.

I got lucky enough to get  long lashes, but the tips are blonde, so it’s not especially apparent when I don’t have on mascara or have them dyed.  Once I get it done both the top and bottom lashes look really long and the darkness of the dye dramatizes them as mascara would.  All my friends that have done it love the results.

Just find a salon and an esthetician experienced in this procedure that you trust (this is not FDA-approved) and the process can be completed in about 15 minutes for around $25.  Alisa at Spalon in Houston is amazing.

When you get your eyelashes dyed, they generally grease up the area around your eyes, and apply a special sticker to avoid the dye contacting the skin.  The vegetable-based dye is applied and left on for 10 minutes or so.  Since it is vegetable-based, it is not permanent and begins to fade after a few weeks.

When I have mine done, one of my favorite ways to do the no make-up look is to put Vaseline on my lids and lashes.  It gives them sort of a bright-eyed and dewy ethereal glow.  I love this C.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve (which is basically petroleum jelly with rose extract).  This stuff also works great as lip balm and sometimes I will also smear it on the very top of my cheekbones to help highlight them.  You could go a long way to having an interesting and complete make-up look with a little tinted moisturizer or beauty balm, lip gloss (to double as blush and lip gloss) and this procedure.

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