Accepting Change

The cliché is that the only constant in life is change.  But sometimes we don’t want to change because it’s safer for things to stay just how they are.  Well, “tough titty,” said the kitty when the milk went dry.    Change truly is a part of our universe, as can be evidenced by redshift indicating that the universe is expanding.  And that star we count on to deliver us a new day like clock work? Our distant reality is that someday it will become a red giant and swallow life on Earth.

We are fortunate in that whenever we recognize this familiar fear, this balking against inevitable change by way of an overwhelming desire to dig our heels in and stay firmly planted as the world swirls around us, we are being told something.  Once we recognize this fear and resistance, it is up to us to accept that fact, and trust that our inner voice has warned us change is nigh.

Often times the stronger the reaction we have, the highest priority those changes are.  What we are contemplating changing is truly something that requires our attention and efforts to focus on.

If we are a brittle old tree in a windy world, we will be doomed to a dramatic break as the flexible sapling bends and continues to grow with the rain from the storm that is raining on our heads.

We know that we have identified what exactly it is that needs to change when we feel  fear.  Then, it’s up to us to channel the fear we feel in to adrenaline and action, as fear is intended to do.

What do we do when we feel fear?  It’s a fight or flight response.  Fear usually does not elicit us to stand still with our eyes closed and hope for the best but this tactic is often used in our daily lives.  And in recognizing that change needs to happen, to have that conscious thought and awareness, is most of the way toward enacting that change – recognition is the hardest part.

It is our job to use this awareness to grow and to evolve.  Nothing survives without evolution to its particular set of challenges presented by the environment or changing circumstances.

One very meaningful way to recognize this inner voice telling us change needs to happen is to write in a journal every day.  Write anything you feel, anything that has upset you, anything that has uplifted you, how specifically you are dealing with problems and what is getting in the way of you living your best life.  It might not be obvious at first, but if you look back on the thought patterns over a month or so, you will see where the obvious changes need to take place.  You might need time to accept it and you might need help to overcome these changes.  But changed you will be.

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