I grew up in icy Fargo, North Dakota and have slowly worked my way to the tropical south of Houston, Texas. I spent intervening years in Colorado and Wyoming, attending school and indulging in a nontrivial amount of snowboarding. My true joy in life is learning and exploring and this website is an outlet for me to share my discoveries and ideas with others who may be on a similar journey. When I’m not contemplating a myriad of random topics, I can be found writing, reading, traveling, doing yoga and exercising, and having deep conversations, whether in the backyard, at a dining table, or in a dive bar. I am blessed to have a loving middle-aged cat (“Dove”), my gamely husband (“Chief”), a baby on the way (“Lil’ Monkey” – due Spring 2014) and wonderful family and friends that color my life.

During the day, I wear another hat as a geologist. This profession satisfies my pleasure for problem solving and creativity and was born of a love of long hikes, the outdoors and an insatiable curiosity about the planet we inhabit. Paradoxically, this love of the outdoors landed me a career at a desk but geology field trips are a legitimate part of the job.

I am a true bookworm and deeply interested in all things spiritual, physical, and metaphysical that allows us to be our best selves. I certainly haven’t figured it all out but I like sharing my thoughts on the journey based on what I have read, experienced or contemplated. My hope is to allow others to discover their true, perfect being in a state of sukha.